Referral Program

Dear Learn To Swim Patrons,

Each year, many families are sadly impacted by a tragic drowning or near drowning. The emotional impact of such an accident on a family lasts a lifetime.

Therefore, we at Narellan Swimming Academy would like to assist in the reduction of such tragic occurrences by providing children from Narellan and surrounding areas to have the experience of our uniquely structured learn to swim programs that are enjoyable, positive, progressive and focus on water safety, independence and vital techniques.

If you have a friend or family member who may be interested in swimming lessons, ask your friend or family member to bring the “New Enrollment Form” (download here) with your details written in the “Referral Section” of the form which includes your name and a card number of one of your children.

The more people you refer – the more free swimming lessons you will receive!


1.       Referrer

a.       Must be a current Swim School member.

b.      For each new swimmer you refer to Narellan Swimming Academy, that purchases the remainder of a six week block or a full 6 week block, you will receive a free lesson.

c.       This free lesson will be a credit placed on your account which will be taken in the next Block purchase.

d.      Referral credits can accumulate.

New Enrollment 

a.       The free lesson is given as a credit placed on your new account which will be taken up on payment of the next Block purchase.