Learn to Swim Narellan

We offer learn to swim classes for parents and babies 6 months to 2 years old, preschool levels, school age and mini squad level. 

We also offer adult learn to swim and stroke correction classes. Contact Hydrofit on Ph: 4647 4788 to enquire.

Angelfish: Parents and babies, 6 months to 2 years. Duration 30 minutes. These are parent’s education lessons, introduction into water formalisation, water safety through basic skills, songs and cues in lyrics.
Jellyfish: 2-4 years. Duration 30 minutes. Introduction into swimming classes with assistance from instructors, learning the basics of strokes and water safety.
Starfish: 3-5 years. Duration 30 minutes. Further development of swimming independently and water safety, independent swimming to edge of pool, eyes down in water and over arm action. Introduction to diving.
Crab: 5 years and older. Duration 30 minutes. Introduction into learning freestyle and backstroke techniques up to 12.5 metres.
Turtle: Duration 30 minutes. Streamlining the technique and breathing reinforced and independence further developed. Focus on diving technique.
Frog: Duration 30 minutes. Enhancement of freestyle and backstroke technique over 25 metres, introduction to breaststroke.
Whale: Duration 30 minutes. Advancement of freestyle and backstroke techniques with drills, further developing breaststroke and working on emphasising pull and kick technique. Introduction to competitive starts, turns and finishing.
Sharks: Duration 45 minutes. Defining technique of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Introduction to butterfly, race starts, turns and finishes for all strokes.