About South West Physiotheraphy

South West Physiotherapy aims for the highest standard in hands-on therapy. When South West Physiotherapy was first established, we wanted to ensure that our patients were able to receive high quality hands-on therapy. This continues today with over 15,000 local people entering our doors for assistance. We aim to be the experienced physiotherapists that you can trust to ensure pain relief and returning to regular function.

South West Physiotherapy has access to a fully equipped 24 hr gym at Hydrofit Narellan and our pool is suitably heated for hydrotherapy. This combined with experienced physiotherapists is really the best that the area can offer. When receiving treatment at South West Physiotherapy, you have access to all of this, so come in for a swim or do your set exercises before your treatment.

Our organisation rehabilitates workers after an injury and we currently assist various small to large employers in preventing workplace injury.

Our physiotherapists are well qualified to assist your needs and we look forward to being of assistance.

For more information visit www.southwestphysiotherapy.com.au