How Do I Set An Appointment For My First Workout?

We want you to get started properly by having a trainer set you up on your own program. Hydrofit provides fitness orientations several times during the week. Usually your first workout is scheduled when you join the gym, however, if you need to schedule an appointment, please call Hydrofit on (02) 4626 5554.

How Is Work Out Equipment Shared?

When you take your turn, finish your set or exercise in a timely manner and then allow others to share. A common mistake is resting on equipment between sets. It doesn’t allow other members to share and it also slows down the pace of other peoples workouts. To rest, remove yourself from the piece you are using, allowing others to use that particular piece of equipment.

When Do I Know It’s My Turn To Use A Piece Of Cardio Equipment?

We recommend limiting your time to 30 minutes on each piece during busy times. If you would like to use a treadmill for a leisurely hour walk, we suggest you come during an off-peak time. There are no strict limits on time and no sign-up required, however we ask that members use common sense when setting your workout time. If you are waiting for a specific piece, simply let the person currently on the machine know that you wish to be next.

How Do I Get Additional Help When I Want To Use Other Equipment?
Every member is going to have a different set of goals, pace of workout etc. This is why we recommend setting an appointment with a trainer first before advancing your workout. You can schedule an appointment by calling Hydrofit on (02) 4626 5554  We are always happy to give advice on proper exercises and techniques. If you want a more personalised service, a personal trainer is the way to go. Trainers set their own fees.

What Is Expected Of Me While Here At HYDROFIT?

Please provide your own towel. As a courtesy to other members, please wipe down equipment when finished. Antibacterial spray and paper towels are provided for you. Please dispose of used paper towels in the bins provided. Please return all weights and dumbbells to racks when finished. Our members appreciate not having to pick up after others.

Treat all members with respect and courtesy. Inappropriate behavior within the facility will not be tolerated.

If there is any equipment that is malfunctioning or needs adjustment, please do not use it or try to repair it. Please advise a staff member or leave a note at reception.