Membership Guidelines

Membership Cards

 A membership card will be issued to you upon signing up to one of Hydrofit's memberships. Your card has been specially coded to your membership and allows 24-hour access to the gym facility. Please secure your membership card at all times. A card replacement fee of $10 will be charged in order to reissue a new card due to loss or damage.

Fitness Centre Usage

As a member of Hydrofit you may use the gym anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day. There is no limit to how often you use the gym. Be sure to swipe your membership card at all times before entering the fitness centre.

Guest Policy

Any member giving access to a non-member WITHOUT notifying Hydrofit first will be automatically charged with a guest fee for each guest use of the fitness centre and/or forfeit their membership.

Restrooms and Shower Facilities

Please use the restrooms or shower areas for dressing and changing clothes. Members may be required to bring their own amenities (such as shampoo and towels) to the fitness centre each time when using the facilities. Do not leave your personal belongings in the bathroom / shower facilities after you are finished. Please use a respectable amount of time when showering, as other members may need to use them as well.

Equipment Usage

You may at any time sign up for a FREE orientation that will start you on a basic fitness program, and instruct you on the usage of equipment. During busy times, please allow others to work-in with you on equipment.

Gym Etiquette

For the safety and convenience of yourself and others, we ask that you do the following:

  • All equipment MUST be wiped down with a compact towel and antibacterial spray after use.
  • All weights and equipment (gym balls, etc) must go back to their original area and placed in their racks after use.
  • Sports / Gym apparel MUST be worn at all times. Closed in shoes must be worn at all times in the gym areas.
  • During peak hour times, some equipment may have time limit restrictions, these should be observed as appropriate.
  • Use gym equipment appropriately. No bicep curling in the squat rack.
  • Also please be aware of your personal hygiene.
  • Treat all staff and other gym members with respect. At Hydrofit we aim to create an inclusive community environment that is accepting of all people.

Pool Etiquette When sharing a lane please keep to the left of the lane while swimming. Swimming apparel must be worn at ALL TIMES in the pool. If you wish to swim after training, please shower before entering the pool.

Age Requirements

Due to liability reasons, children under the age of 16 years are not permitted into the gym without permission of Hydrofit management.

Entertainment System

There are iPod docks on the cardio equipment. Generally music is played throughout the fitness centre and Foxtel is provided on our televisions. Simply bring your headphones.

Safety And Security

Hydrofit and the surrounding premises are under 24-hour surveillance. Individuals with health conditions should never exercise alone. For liability reasons and for your own security, do not admit individuals who do not possess a membership card. Please respect this policy.

Parking and Building Access

You may park in any parking spots on the building property or valid street parking adjacent to the building. Please use caution in the car park. Two (2) disabled parking spaces are available with valid permits.

Proper Attire and Hygiene

Wearing exercise clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and athletic shoes will help to make your workout more enjoyable. Shirts and shoes must be worn AT ALL TIMES in the fitness centre. For your safety, street shoes, open-toe sandals, boots and excessive jewellery are not permitted. Clean workout clothing is required. Please avoid heavy perfume and cologne.

Lost or Stolen Items

Hydrofit is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you feel you have left something in error please notify Hydrofit on (02) 4647 4788 and we will be happy to look for you. Valuables are best left in your locked automobile or not brought into the fitness centre at all.

Smoke Free Zone

Hydrofit helps to promote healthy lifestyles. To help us do this, please refrain from smoking in or around the building property.

Emergency Procedures

Hydrofit is a secure facility. The emergency button will contact our security company should you require help. An Emergency Phone to dial OOO will also be available.